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B&D TriTran 4 - AZ031

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B&D TriTran 4 - AZ031

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B&D Tri-Tran Plus Premium RedReplaced by

The B&D TriTran 4 - AZ031 is no longer available and has been replaced with the B&D Tri-Tran Plus Premium Red. When you order this product you are ordering the B&D Tri-Tran Plus Premium Red


  • B&D Tri-Tran Plus Premium Black
    B&D Tri-Tran Plus Premium Red
    ATA PTX4 Secura Code Garage & Gate Remote AZ005
    ATA TX5 433MHz Garage Remote AZ010
    ATA PTX5 TrioCode Keyring Transmitter AZ042
    ATA PTX 4 Red Securacode Garage Door Remote
  • ATA TrioCode AZ043 - REPLACED with B&D Tri Tran Multi Frequency
    ATA TXA1. 27Mhz AZ007 NOW Replaced by Elsema FMT 301
    B&D PTX4 059120 / 059116 Keyring Transmitter- 433Mhz AZ033
    B&D 062162 Keyring 433Mhz AZ014 - NOW replaced with B&D PTX4 059120/059116 keyring AZ033
    B&D 62170 433 MHz AZ012 - Repalced with B&D PTX4 059120/059116 433Mhz keyring style
    B&D Tri Tran AZ031 - Multi Frequency Garage Remote
  • B&D Tri Tran Mini - Multi Frequency AZ035 - Garage Remote
    B&D TriTran Mulit Freq. 062731 - AZ031A
    Merlin keyring M842 - AZ025A
    Zap66 - AZ025B - 433.92Mhz replacement for M842-AZ025A
    Merlin Paw C945 Rolling Code AZ038
    Merlin 2.0 - E945M - AZ008
  • ADS Dominator Garage Remote 433Mhz AZ003
    ADS Dominator Garage Remote AZ003A
    Zap33-AZ019A replacement for Gliderol TM305C
    FAAC 433LC AZ064
  • FAAC key 868 NEW Gate / Garage Remote AZ065A
    Elsema FMT 301 27MHz AZ016 (12 dip)
    Elsema FMT 301 1 Channel Keyring 27Mhz  AZ018A
    Elsema FMT 302 2 channel 27 Mhz  AZ017
    Elsema FMT-302 Key ring AZ045
    Elsema FMT304 - 4 channel 27 Mhz AZ032
  • Elsema FMT 304 Keyring AZ046
    Elsema FMT 202DA/302DA 27Mhz Dual Access AZ015
    Elsema FMT-202DA / 302DA Key ring AZ048
    MagicButton 2 Channel = Elsema FMT 202DA/302DA 27 Mhz AZ023
    Elsema FMT102A - 2 Channel 27Mhz AZ037