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FAAC TM433 DS 12 dipswitches - AZ011

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FAAC TM433 DS 12 dipswitches - AZ011

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Brand:FAAC Remotes
Name:FAAC TM433 DS 12 dipswitches - AZ011
Battery:12 V (included)
Dip Switches:12
Button Color:Blue / Black
Case Color:Black

Quick Description

Black Keyring Remote – Matchbox size H 7.5 cm x W 3.5 cm
2 black buttons with blue background also compatible with 1 button FAAC TM433 DS remotes
Battery 12V 23A –
12 dipswitches

FAAC TM433 DS 2 button Gate and Garage remote (compatible with 1 button FAAC)
2 black buttons with blue background, black keyring / matchbox size remote
Has 12 dipswitches used for coding / programming
For more information please contact our office 

Frequently Asked Questions


  1. How will my goods be shipped?
    via Registered Australia Post with tracking. 


  2. How long will my remotes take to arrive?
    Please allow 5-15 days for delivery. 


  3. What if I am not home to collect it?
    Australia Post should leave a notification card Advising you that your parcel is ready for collection  


  4. Will the remote come with coding instructions?
    Yes all remotes come with easy to follow activation / coding instructions, if further support requried our Call Centre 1800 045 007 will be able to assist you Mon-Fir 9am-5pm EST. 


  5. Does it come with a Battery?
    Yes batteries are included with every purchased remote.


  6. What if I get the wrong remote?
    We offer 100% money back guarantee within 14 days from purchase date, just return the goods in proper working order wrapped in bubble wrap, with your contact details. Our office will call you to either organise a refund or replace it with the correct remote. 


  7. How does it work?
    The remote we send you is a blank and you need to activate it by following the activation / coding instructions. 


  8. Can I choose any remote?
    No, you must have the remote that is compatible with your garage system.

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